Make Your Back Problems a Thing of the Past

Introducing PostureTone®, the first innovation in spine alignment since chiropractic.

Helps relieve muscle strain in your neck, shoulders and back caused by poor posture

Works naturally to correct and improve your spinal health

Gently aligns your spine to relieve pain

Stay cool and comfortable with our patented, breathable design

Your body will thank you!

We've Got Your Back Trial | 60 Days | Risk-Free

Try It Risk-Free, for 60 Days

Enjoy PostureTone for 60 days with our We’ve Got Your Back Trial. If you don’t love your posture corrector within 60 days, we’ll pay for return shipping and give you 100% of your money back!

Free Shipping, Always

Enjoy Free Shipping, Always*

The PostureTone promise is to ship your products right to your door, for free! All products are assembled and shipped from our facilities in New Jersey, USA.
*Free shipping to the contiguous United States. Sorry Hawaii, Alaska, & Canada…we still love ya though.

Say Goodbye to Slouching, Back, Neck
and Shoulder Pain

We’ve included everything you need to stop pain in its tracks. In addition to our top of the line corrective back brace, PostureTone®, you will receive an exercise resistance band – to help you release upper body tension, and improve balance and flexibility – AND removable underarm pads to provide you with an extra level of comfort. PostureTone® makes it easy for you to improve your posture naturally!

Complete Package: PostureTone + Exercise Band + Underarm Pads

Get Real Back Support

Naturally inMotion’s PostureTone® works naturally to correct and improve posture alignment, speed up recovery and prevent further damage to your spine. PostureTone® gently trains your upper back and core muscles to become stronger and more posture fit.

PostureTone | Get Real Back Support | Naturally inMotion

Stop Chronic Pain

PostureTone® is specifically designed to eliminate improper spine movement that causes pain. Use it to eliminate slouching, alleviate back, neck and shoulder pain, reduce spinal stress, muscle fatigue and strain, and prevent curvature of the spine (Kyphosis).

PostureTone | 3 padded layers for comfort and protection

No More Sweaty Underarms

Made with the finest materials, PostureTone® is lightweight, breathable and hypoallergenic. Our unique design features underarm odor control, shock absorbing paddings and an anti-bacterial layer.

Creating ideas and building
products that truly matter to people

2000 + customers have already transformed their spine health with Naturally inMotion’s PostureTone

What Makes PostureTone Unique?

Our quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical expertise and advice.
Our dedicated employees are happy to assist you with know-how and experience in your daily business.

<b>Easy</b> to Wear

Easy to Wear

Ergonomic, open-shaped design

Fully <b>Adjustable</b>

Fully Adjustable

Fit chest sizes between 28 and 48 inches

<b>Lightweight </b> Design

Lightweight Design

Can be worn comfortably under or over clothing

<b>Breathable</b> Layer

Breathable Layer

Keps your under-arms comfortable and odor-free



We only use quality, non-toxic materials

<b>High </b> Standards

High Standards

Developed using hardcore science & quality materials

Shock <b>Proofed </b>

Shock Proofed

Shock absorbing padding for extra comfort

<b>Lifetime</b> Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

Absolute ZERO risk. Free exchanges and returns

2,000+ customers have already transformed their spine health with Naturally inMotion’s PostureTone®.


See PostureTone® in Action

PostureTone® can be worn while driving, sitting, walking, running, on the computer, at school or at work. Featuring an ergonomic, open 8-shaped design, it is super easy to put on and take off by yourself while still allowing for a snug, comfortable fit.


We’ve included everything you’ll need to straighten your spine naturally: PostureTone® + an Exercise Resistance Band + 2 Removable Underarm Pads


Thanks to PostureTone® lightweight design, it can be worn over a shirt or easily hidden beneath a jacket, coat or pullover layer


Improve your posture at any age. PostureTone® is for teens too. Our unisex design fits chest sizes between 28 and 48 inches


PostureTone® is lightweight, breathable and hypoallergenic. Pin-core holes promote maximum air circulation, dissipate heat and keep you cool, while a breathable mesh liner keeps underarm odors under control


Does your job find you sitting most of the day? PostureTone® is here to the rescue by keeping your spine aligned and pain-free


PostureTone® can help improve balance and prevent age-related spine conditions like osteoporosis and curvature of the spine (Kyphosis)


How many hours a day does your teen spend sitting (using computers, gaming, watching TV)? PostureTone® can help eliminate slouching, alleviating back, neck and shoulder pain


Poor posture can affect moving around, walking and daily activities because it’s directly related to balance and function. In the long run, bad posture can lead to back pain and joint pain in your hips and knees.


Sitting incorrectly puts strain on your lower back, decreases blood flow to your working muscles and accelerates fatigue. Use PostureTone® to train and strengthen your posture muscles and maintain good posture



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